Night falls slowly like dry leaves. The sad wings of darkness lurking beneath the late evening sun- Urgent, brutal, waiting, hoping-descended With it the hunger and want of shelter, I am the homeless still, cast about the streets of Lagos. The howling, the hooting, the barking, rhythms to a tired soul, A company to challenge… Continue reading NIGHT FALLS SLOWLY LIKE DRY LEAVES

Morountodun Obaigbo’s Open Art Exhibition

The Philosophers’ Muse Who am I? Where did I come from? And where am I going? These kind of existential questions belie the root of all philosophical thinking. The answers to each one however is not always simple and is unique to every individual who must arrive at his answer through deep reflection and profound… Continue reading Morountodun Obaigbo’s Open Art Exhibition

Adichie and the Curious Case of Sexism.

Reading Adichie’s ‘Americanah’ and coming across this scene where young Ifemelu and young Obinze meet and they are talking proverbs and I do nothing but shake my head. I swear, speaking truthfully and verisimilitude in check, no one does that abeg. It just seems like a forceful attempt to find a page for proverbs in… Continue reading Adichie and the Curious Case of Sexism.